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My approach to business focuses on creating great connections with people. When we engage our team and customers with clear and inspiring messaging, we're inviting them into a bigger, more meaningful story. 

Most of my business experience stems from owning small businesses in the crafting industry for nearly 20 years. My most important responsibilities were ensuring our team’s needs were met while our team provided outstanding service to our retail and wholesale customers. I believe our success flowed from our appreciation and commitment to a healthy, happy work environment. 

My most cherished work accomplishments are the teams I built at both my retail business, and later at my wholesale business. These fantastic groups of people learned to make magic happen together not only in their work, but in the relationships they created in support of one another. When work adds joy and connection to our lives, that is an amazing accomplishment!

At home, I am mom to two amazing teen boys who teach me endless sports trivia, attempt to share their love of geography, and everyday, provide the opportunity to learn patience....and keeping us all moving forward is my husband of 21 years, Jim, who shows me everyday that anything is possible. I am also incredibly blessed with a ridiculously awesome circle of friends and family who keep me laughing, running, and dreaming. 

I look forward to connecting with you!
-Elizabeth Boyle
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